Italy: Life Is A Combination Of Magic And Pasta

I cannot stand people who do not take food seriously.

Thank you Oscar. Thank you for understanding me.  Thank you for letting me brag about the exquisite food I witnessed in Italy by standing behind your quote. But,  in all honesty – If you’re not  a fan of food, we cannot be friends.

In the week and a bit that I spent in Italy, I cannot think of one day where I had just three meals. I was constantly eating and I didn’t put on a pound. Sounds like the dream doesn’t it? It pretty much was. The stagnant weight was most probably because I was walking everywhere, so don’t get too jealous.

Rather than sharing the photos of the beautiful gondolas in Venice, or the Duomo in Milan, or the Trevi Fountain, Colosseum or Vatican in Rome, or the Leaning Tower in Pisa. I thought I would share with you my food journey in Italy. You can google photos of Italy and find thousands of photographs of the landscape, and from real photographers too. I thought it would be more interesting to share with you my thoughts on the food I witnessed, because those will be unique to just me.


This is a Sachar Torte. An Austrian cake by name but one that can be found in Italian menus. I couldn't have more than two forkfuls without feeling somewhat ill. It is a beautiful, dense and just so chocolatey. I think a dollop of cream would've really helped one eat it all, but then again I had just had a big dish of pasta before diving into this.
 1891472_10152055731631234_582135800_oTruffle Fettuccine. This  was wonderful - creamy and full of flavour in a small restaurant a few streets away from the Colosseum.  I couldn't figure out what that taste was and had to translate the Italian to find out that it was Truffle. Once I did, I felt so high-class. Only the food snobs seem to be able to afford Truffle anything in New Zealand!
 10006027_10152055736071234_1863501577_oA beautifully light Buffacchitto. Now, I've googled this and it doesn't really exist - but I swear that is what it was called on the menu at Rosso Pomodararadi in Naples.
 1064489_10152055736466234_1991670114_oPizza Vera Napoletana. Thank you Liz from Eat, Pray, Love. Thank you for telling me about Naples, thank you for telling me that the pizzas are to die for. Because you know what?  It is the best pizza I will ever have in my life.
  1658722_10152055739096234_50740220_oThis is a dessert called Sfogliatelle. A pastry filled with passion and love, and also ricotta. It is my favourite Italian dessert because that cheese really helps balance the sweetness. This pastry is native to Naples so I'm very glad I did my research and tried my very first one in Naples. I tried another one at the train station in Rome and it really let me down, so if you're ever going to try one - please do it in Naples.
1973369_10152055752086234_916345335_oQuick Coffee Gelato stop next to the Vatican - only 2 Euros!
1960863_10152055752301234_1496332646_oMinestrone Soup and Pasta at a restaurant opposite my hotel in Rome. I ordered too much - but I finished it all, because you're in Italy so why the hell wouldn't you?
 1669865_10152055752351234_1332364064_oA selection of desserts from a local shop in Pisa. They were all very disappointing. Pisa was just not a good food stop. Mediocre, Mediocre, Mediocre - but then again I had been having amazing Italian for the past few days so by normal Western standards this was still pretty great.
 1275523_10152055754251234_2034061440_oMy gelato from a local shop by my hotel in Venice. It was my first gelato in Italy and I couldn't stop smiling. I was also alone, so it was a tad creepy.
 1966257_10152055730826234_851601962_oMy very first dome pizza opposite our hotel in Milan. They did not speak much English but they kept the restaurant open late just for me.
1796869_10152055736531234_1698813958_oRavioli in Milan. I would pay $50 for this but it was only 10 Euros. Here's a tip, go to a crowded restaurant where no one speaks English, that is how you will find authentic cuisine. 
10001020_10152055737696234_243989518_oNutella Burger. Don't think it needs an explanation.
1974167_10152055738231234_2019935283_oThe coffee cost me €1, the chocolate croissant €1.50. They were both delightful in a small cafe in the streets of Milan.



5 responses to “Italy: Life Is A Combination Of Magic And Pasta

    • This is why we are friends !!!! But in all seriousness, you must. It’s my ultimate travel destination – amazing history, culture, architecture and food!

  1. LOVE your food journey idea here! I’m salivating as I’m reading and looking at your food photos! =P Now I have a better idea of what to eat when I go to Italy for my year off!! Thanks for sharing your passion and love for food and I may ask you some questions about Italy when I’m really going sometime next year of year after! 😉

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