Lessons Learnt (Note to Self)

Lessons Learnt: There’s nothing like a personal loss to bring on mortality salience.

  1. You take nothing with you – not your house, car(s), clothes or gold. Not your paper degree(s), sports medals or other accolades. Nothing tangible is worth collecting. Ultimately, you will turn to ash and leave it all behind. Learn to use this reality to ground yourself whenever you become excessively concerned with material possessions. Because, in the end – does it really matter?
  2. Relationships are your most valuable asset. Build a network that supports your growth. Friends or family that don’t have your best interest at heart aren’t deserving of being friends or family. Feeling obligated to keep toxic relationships for the sake of others only adds to your mental workload. Divert your energy to the right people, always focus on quality not quantity. Get rid of the weeds sooner rather than later.
  3. Your decisions make you who you are today. Own all your decisions. Change is the only constant in life. Learn. Grow.

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