Challenge #3: Sunrise Trekking an Active Volcano

For those who are new to my posts and my blog, there’s probably one thing you should know about me: I’m very impulsive.

Last year, I decided to attempt The Tongariro Crossing without any training. I was fortunate enough to survive with a few blisters, a sore bum and a serious case of sunburn.

My trip to Bali, Indonesia is slowly approaching and I cannot contain my excitement! So much so that I’ve just booked myself in for a sunrise trek up Mt Batur. I  just don’t understand the idea of a vacation clearly! Whenever I go on holiday I don’t like to have time to ‘relax’. Instead, I want to be running from one place to the other and just taking in the beautiful sites and immersing in the culture. If you tell me to lay on the beach and tan (I’m already brown) and read a book, I couldn’t do it for more than 30 minutes. So, I’ve gone ahead and done it again. I’ve took on another challenge!

Mt Batur is Bali’s most active volcano and sits at 1,717m, which may not sound but there are some steep inclines. Have I trained for this? Don’t be silly! Climbing a mountain at 3am in the pitch black with my head torch on loose igneous rocks isn’t a challenge!

Okay, let me stop the joking – please note I’m not joking about my lack of training – and tell you that I’m mentally preparing for this hike. I have also made a list of things I need to carry with me to make this a pleasurable experience. I’ve also been semi-fit occasionally practicing hot yoga, doing some mild walks and taking on a few pump classes.

The guide also makes stops along the way to cook eggs and bananas in steam fissures for breakfast and see the crater up close. The trek ends with a stop at a natural hot springs followed by a coffee plantation and an organic farm visit.  I’ve booked this tour for USD $35 with Pineh Trekking, which I’m pleased with as I’m doing this trek alone and a lot of companies don’t book solo travelers.

I am really looking forwarding to experiencing the sunrise from atop. Ideally, it would have been great to do this walk with someone else. However, I think it’s one of those things that if you get the opportunity to do it – you should do it! So here I’m folks – just over two weeks to go!

9 responses to “Challenge #3: Sunrise Trekking an Active Volcano

    • I’ve booked myself three days in Ubud and then two days in Kuta (just to get a feel of the crazy culture I’ve been told exists) but am still travelling to places close to Ubud. The party culture of Kuta doesn’t excite me but I’m very intrigued by the vibes of Ubud – especially it’s greenery, yoga culture and artists!

    • I enjoyed reading your experiences in bali! Although the shaking after the bike ride scared me a little. I’m really keen to do the coffee sampling 🙂 Thank you for popping by!

      • I’ve got a packed itinerary whilst in Bali so I might not post till a couple of weeks when I’m back. I’ll try to fit the cycle tour. So far I’ve got so many temples as well as an elephant safari and I want to squeeze in some yoga at the yoga barn not to mention some shopping! There’s never enough time for travel is there :p Awesome! I’ll be reading what you get up to too 🙂

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