Dec-Jan Haul

Dec-Jan Haul

I have two splurges for this month which I thought I could share on my very first video…ever. Then move on to the smaller purchases below the video. Excuse my terrible video making skills, had just finished a 10-hour work shift, was tired and just needed to finish off this video to do my next blog post!

[vimeo 57432222]

1. Pandora Charm Alphabet ‘A’ – $Unknown
This was a late 21st present from a close friend who just got back from an exchange overseas.

2. Kookai Dresses NZD$70
I was so lucky to get these Kookai dresses (two colours as shown) on half price at boxing day! They’re tight fitting and I love the colours. Lately I’ve been buying dresses that will eventually go out of style and these ones never will because they are so simple. I can dress it up with a blazer and a chunky statement necklace.

3. Miishika Dress,  NZD $40
On Discount off course! I got this from an Australian online store down from NZD $80. The material is thick and of good quality unlike other dresses I’ve bought online. I quite like the cut of the neck and the colour and I wore it for 31st night along with Ruby Woo lipstick, even though the colours seem like they would clash they worked well together.

4. Blazer NZD $40
I have quite a few blazers but none of them are fancy enough to wear to an interview. Given this is my last year at university and I will be having a lot of interviews (fingers crossed), I thought now’s the time to invest in one.

5. Bikini Top NZD $5
This was bought on my way to snorkeling when I had forgotten my togs. I am quite pleased with it and have worn it quite a few times since.
6. Assorted Rings $10
My brother got me these three cute rings from the night market. I’ve already lost the cute rat one (shame on me!)

7. Statement necklaces, $40
I got these online and I was so surprised when not many people were bidding on them. I was literally at a party on my phone waiting for it to be 1 min before the auction closes so I could win. I wear them all the time and that’s not even all of them!! Bargaiiiiin (screams!)

Whoops I just realized I missed out two or three items but oh well! I’d love to know what you thought about my very first haul!


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