Hand Cocoon

I am currently working as a Summer Intern at an Engineering firm. The site is based at a quarry and my project requires me to work at the labratory with chemicals on a daily basis. Even though I am a to-be Chemical and Materials Engineer, chemicals scare me! Everytime I’ve completed an experiment I will vigorously wash my hands – vigorous being the key word. As a result, I get dry hands all the time. They don’t flake but I just need to be moisturized, I don’t like that dry feeling at all. I used the sunscreen at work as a moisturiser for a while but it just made them worse. I was helping a friend move out and found this hand cream I had gifted them – I stole it. It is the best thing ever. Also the blue bit on the tube is methylene blue sneakily finding it’s way onto everything I own (grrrrr).

Garnier Skin Naturals – Hand CocoonPhoto 22-01-13 1 15 12 PM
Intense Nourishing Concentrate

The blurb reads, Yes if your hands have been dried by the cold and if your skin feels rough and coarse.Handcocoon instantly nourishes and soothes dry skin. After 1 hour hydration is increasd by 61%. Dry hands feel soothed and comfortable again.It is very rare for the description at the back of products to ever be right. This one is! I don’t know about the statistics because I am just one person voicing my opinion but this cream is ah-mah-zing.

I take a dab (the tinniest amount that squeezes out) and just lather it in. It is a cocoon. My skin feels silky, supple, moisurized and nourished. A bonus is it’s citrus fragrance which I can only dream that they make into a perfume – it is so addictive.

There are no bad points and that is saying something if you know me. It cost me $5 at a make up sale, but looking at the back it seems to be a UK product. I can’t find it in NZ which is really going to be a bother when it runs out.


2 responses to “Hand Cocoon

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  2. Yes! Agree whole-heartedly. I’m now living in in Bathurst NSW and it is COLD in winter. Working with my hands around the house and cutting wood, repairs etc I am longing to find this product again. Originally stole it too (from my wife, well, borrowed and used it up…) I’ve never really used products much but this stuff is the flum. Cheers, Macaroon

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