Excerpts from my Travel Diary: UK

Date: 2nd December 2013
The plans for the day: Arrive in Paris and go to London

Landed in London an hour late due to the train delays. It was reezing cold! We went to Trafalgar Square, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey followed by Buckingham Palace.

As soon as I went to the hostel, I started to miss everybody. It hit me so hard and I couldn't stop crying. An old lady in the 6 person room we were sharing had an argument with my travel buddy. I went to the common room and there was a guy talking to his friend about smoking hash while his friend on facetime was showing him how to make it. YHA is a great place -- not!!

I talked to the family and by crying I know I disappointed them all. Sanju mamu called and told me to come to Stoke on Trent tomorrow to spend a few days with him and his family. I'm taking the easy way out. I know.
Date: 3rd December 2013
Plans for the day: Tower of London, St Pauls and Leave for Stoke on Trent

I didn't get much sleep, waking up every hour.

We took the wrong bus to St Pauls. As usual, I did all the talking and what was meant to be a 15 mins journey became 1.5 hours in rush hour London. St Paul's was beautiful but no photography was allowed.

Arrived in Stoke on Trent and mamu made me try all sorts of liquor at his restaurant. He also served us so much food.
Date: 4th December 2013
Plans for the day: Countryside

The buildings and houses looked like something out of a Jane Austen movie.

After I came home my tummy was very upset. I tried to vomit but no luck. I'm thinking a UTI from the hostel. f-my-fing-life.
Date: 5th December 2013
Plans for the day: Leave for Paris from Manchester

Today the flight from Manchester got delayed by 2 hours. We were just waiting in the plane for the high winds to die down.





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