Excerpts from my Travel Diary: Paris, France

Today, I decided to open up my Travel Diary that I took with me on my graduation trip at the end of 2013. All the memories came flooding back, alongside all the entrance tickets and souvenirs – mainly coins you get from attractions, that I had collected from every place I went to.

I never did end up writing a detailed blog about my adventures (promises were made, promises were broken). To make up for it – a picture speaks a thousand words, and I’ve got a lot of pictures! To top it all of I thought I would give you a glimpse into my travel diary.

In hindsight, it really is a very mundane piece of travel writing, so I don’t think this ‘Excerpts from my Travel Diary’ will go on much longer… but till then, enjoy!

8th December 2013
The plans for the day: Roland Garros, Sacre Coeur and Lovers Bridge
I'm backdating this two days but  I can still remember the day so clearly. It was the best day on the European trip. One where I learnt, discovered and 'saw' the most.

The day started at 10am when I got the train to Rolland Garros. Once I got off the station, I had to ask for directions at least two times. The stadium was so isolated. I went into the shop and asked if I could please join the tour. The tour was myself and an Argentinian couple. We went everywhere - courts, lockers, interview and press rooms. It was amazing. Then I found my way to Sacre Coeur which was the most crowded attraction thus far. An Indian offered to take my photo, I was hesitant but accepted. The inside was great with a large Jesus stature. I then climbed about 300 stairs to the top The view although good wasn't worth the €6. I had trouble finding my way back to the train station but asked and my old ticket still seemed to work everywhere.

I got off at Notre Dame and asked for another photo. Then found a caricature artist who did a great portrait of me. Lovers Bridge was busier than the day, and as I locked my lock I tried to take photos. A lady asked if I wanted any photos - and took a few for me. Then another artist insisted that I get a caricature and take it for free if I didn't like it. It wasn't good at all so I told him to keep the caricature to display it for other customers and gave him €10. He insisted that I take the drawing and gave me a kiss on the cheek. His gratitude made my day. I then went back to my hotel to charge things and had a crepe thanks to a guy who translated for me.

10014960_10152021402826234_1458669655_o 1978503_10152021401921234_1812904413_o 1780062_10152021406096234_318719724_o 10013408_10152021410696234_1405763301_o 1979288_10152021420966234_670635296_o 1965617_10152021423376234_1898888566_o 1978406_10152021425401234_1123293093_o 1782332_10152021424211234_1671511662_o 1912239_10152021421906234_2015672218_o 1957642_10152021420291234_424121715_o 1655547_10152021399881234_124765497_o 1966097_10152021403691234_1529777583_o 1890359_10152021406596234_1834069928_o 1957865_10152021421461234_968134416_o


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