Excerpts from my Travel Diary: Dubai, UAE

Date: 16th December 2013
The plans for the day: 

We landed in Dubai at 5:30am and checked in early at 10am. The journey to the hotel was interesting as we went in completely the wrong direction. There I was with my 23 kg bag, and three other handbags, in the sticky humid Dubai weather in my winter boots with a full-sleeve shirt. It was not pleasant to say the least. 
Date: 17th December 2013
The plans for the day: Burj Khalifa 

"I had kadai chicken and tandoori naan with chai at the cheap side restaurant I found yesterday. The most amazing food all for 13AED! My tummy didn't feel too well though, I ate too much and got gas! It wasn't too good going up the Burj Khalifa either. The view although amazing didn't excite me too much with my Dubai belly.
Date:18th December 2013
The plans for the day: Burj Arab

"At this point I'm bored of Dubai and all that it has."

"On the way back to pack our luggage we stopped at my now favourite restraurant. I had chicken tikka with naan. I asked the owner in Hindi weather there would be someone who could help me carry my bags up the set of stairs to get to the train station and he said he'll find someone for me. I ended up giving the guy who carried my luggage 15AED as I felt thankful and pitiful at the same time"


"Now I'm on the flight. I got pretty excited for a while since the three seats next to me were all empty but then an Arab family came and spoilt it all."

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