Change Is The Only Constant In Life

This morning, at a farewell morning tea for a colleague she quoted Heraclitus saying: Change is the only constant in life.

The quote really resonated with me. For someone who has been a ‘hippie’ for the last five to six months of her life, I could relate – heck I embody it’s meaning.

Just last week, after being in Australia for two and a half months I was starting to feel a sense of belonging in my new place – I was almost at the stage of calling it my home. Then, a five day trip to Melbourne later I once again felt a bit unsettled. Looking ahead to the next two or three months – I’ve already got two overseas trip back to New Zealand planned, another one to Melbourne, and a couple more inner state travels, not to mention my soon to be planned trip to somewhere exotic. I’m a testament to change. I wasn’t feeling grounded, travelling from one place to the other – living out of a suitcase. However, now that I think about it change is not only something we must accept, but it is actually something to celebrate!

I’ve never been one to embrace change, always scared to dive into something new. Yet, my experiences are teaching me to welcome change with open arms. It’s a new adventure, everything you do in life will teach you new things. So while other things are changing around you, you, personally will also change and grow as a result of that. Looking back to the 2013 Anna, I’ve changed in so many ways. I’m living in a country where I have no immediate family and I’m living for myself. I’m my own sole provider and instead of feeling lonely and alone like the 2013 Anna would, I’m starting to love being independent. I’m beginning to embed this mindset that if every decision I make is the right decision and that there is no going back, then even if that decision may not be the right one, I will change to make it that way. This way – I will have no regrets. If you tell yourself that the choice you’ve made was the right choice for you then you will adapt faster to change, and if change is the only constant in life, wouldn’t it be nice to embrace it?

A lot of times when you lose something you will say, “Holy crap. I was happy and I didn’t even know it.” Learn to look at your life in a positive light. It’s a journey – and that is always more important than the destination.

I’m now feeling a whole lot happier.

No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he is not the same man.


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