Going Over The Ditch

I have been M.I.A from the blogosphere for a while, for two reasons: I didn’t really have a particularly interesting topic to write about and I really didn’t have any time! I still don’t have either of the two but for once I have never come this close to completing a new years’ resolution – so why give up now? I gather that an update on my life counts as a topic and since it doesn’t require too much thinking, why not write away?

Exams have finished, meaning fourth year is over and so is university life. In the first year of Engineering, I really didn’t think I could make it. It was really hard because university smacked me right in the face! I had all this pressure which high school really doesn’t prepare anyone for. Second year wasn’t any better and I struggled to enjoy university. However, third and fourth year were the highlights of my university life. I enjoyed what I was studying, I was understanding it (which is a huge deal), I was doing different Engineering jobs and really expanding my horizons. Life was getting better. On the 9th of November, I had my final engineering exam and it marked the end of an incredible four year journey.

While I had my exams going on, I also had family visiting from overseas. My aunt and cousin had come to spend a few days with us and just left the country yesterday. It wasn’t too hard allocating time for both studies and them as my exams weren’t too stressful this time around. It was great catching up with them and showing them all around Auckland. It was nice to see them before I head out on my own.

So this brings us to today. Two days from now  I am going to be boarding a very early flight to Sydney for the weekend! I haven’t got a specific agenda but given that I have been to the tourist hotspots – Bondi beach, Manly, Sydney Opera House it doesn’t leave much left to see. I know that I’m most certainly wrong because Sydney’s population is five times that of Auckland, and even greater than New Zealand’s. I do really want to go to a vineyard if time permits, in addition to that I am hoping to check out my new home which is a just a short car drive away from Sydney.

I am returning to Auckland on Monday morning, and three days later I am on an afternoon flight to Los Angeles! I won’t go too into detail about my round the world trip because I have already covered it in another blog post. I found out yesterday that I can bring back 30kg with me from my trip – Thanks Emirates – so I invested in a 70L Hybrid back which has both wheels and a strap – handy! I haven’t done any other shopping for my trip and I know I really should!! I don’t really know what to take with me except for clothes, thermals and shoes. I think I’ll do a last minute panic/google search.

I’ll be spending Christmas Day and 7 hours of it (2 am onwards) at the Melbourne Airport all alone because my flight from Kuala Lumpur goes via Melbourne. That’s probably the most depressing part of my trip so far and given that I don’t celebrate Christmas I can’t really complain!

I return to Auckland on Christmas Day and have absolutely nothing planned for New Years. At this point I will have $0 in my bank account so I can’t really afford to splash out for it. I am thinking of having a quiet one with the family as just two weeks later I will be leaving Auckland for good and flying off to Australia! This is the most daunting thing for me, sometimes at night when I can’t sleep I think about it and it hits me that I won’t have my family there and I just break down into tears. I know it’s time to grow up but being at home for the past 22 years and with a family who have been the most supportive and caring of all is a bit hard to let go off. I just know that I will be a frequent visitor to Auckland so I might invest in frequent flyer card. I will have around two weeks in Australia before I start my new job. This means finding a new place to live, a car, furniture, everything you need to start a new home in a brand new city.

I realize I have exclamation marked a lot of sentences and for good reason too! The next few months are an exciting time for me, and the most life altering. I am moving from New Zealand after twelve years to venture out into the big bad world all alone. What’s that saying?

The world is your oyster

Wish me luck!

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