Thoughts Of A Lazy Ambitious Woman

I have fallen into what is known as the Busy Trap. It is quicksand. Slowly but surely it is swallowing me whole and now I am shoulder deep in what I like to call doodoo.

If I was to review how I have gotten into this doodoo I am sitting in today, I would trace my steps back to look for something to blame only to find myself staring at my own reflection. All of these activities  meetings, due-dates, projects are a result of my nature of over-committing myself in my final year at university. Now, I don’t know how many of you can relate to this situation but final year gives you the chance to look back at your life and say, “oh crap! What have I done?” and as one does this a cloud of depression starts to loom. So here I am – overcommitted, over-worked and still procrastinating, holding on by the threads and hoping the doodoo which is life doesn’t swallow me whole.

I recently read an article in the New Yorker called the Busy Trap. It gave me a lot to ponder over relating to this notion of being busy. It is not the three-jobs-at-a-time-people or the surgeons working triple shifts at the hospital that call themselves busy, no, what those people are are exhausted. It is us, the people who have voluntarily taken on all this extra work load that constantly moan about the lack of time we have to ‘chill’. The meaning of the word busy has shifted in recent years.

But should we feel pathetic about it? The article made me feel bad and perhaps that was not what its intention was, but nevertheless it did. Why? Because I felt like I was being accused, that it was somehow a sin to take up all these extra curricula activities and that it did not mean that I was actually busy but rather wanting to make myself look busy. Because lets face it, isn’t it cool to tell people, “Hey! I would love to go our for a coffee but I am really busy, let me check my schedule and get back to you”. If I was being completely honest, that is partially the reason I did do all these activities, sitting at home being idle one is deemed lazy. I am not lazy. I don’t want to be lazy. However, the fear or rather the dislike of being labelled is not the primary reason for the lack of spare-time. It is the need to have a perfect resume to stand out as a star employee to the millions of employers out there. Life has forced me to take up all these activities. I may not be exhausted like all the people who are actually working and don’t have a choice so am I busy or am I not? 

I leave you with this:

“I am not busy. I am the laziest ambitious person I know”


One response to “Thoughts Of A Lazy Ambitious Woman

  1. Nicely written as always 🙂 Being busy is always better than doing nothing as long as you don’t wear yourself out.

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