The Bourne Identity

My life is pretty simple, family conservative, a stagnant life. I used to be a huge nerd, maybe I still am but hopefully I can dress myself better now. I’ve never really figured out my identity. I am not a jock, a beauty queen, party girl, dope head, science geek, emo. I enjoy playing all these different roles in my life and not being confined to be one thing.
– S.C

I don’t have a thing, people don’t look up to me and say, “Hey look there’s Anna the beauty queen!” or” Hey there’s Anna the genius” or “Hey there’s Anna the party animal”. I quite like this. People are so hung up on finding themselves, in trying to be super-talented at something and I just am not. I have accepted that I am mediocre at everything I do or at best just above average. This never bothered me but I know it bothers people to not have that one thing that is their own. That one word that defines them. But why? I like the fact that I do engineering and love my fashion. I am different to the stereotypical engineering girl and I love it. Shouldn’t we embrace what makes us unique?  We should, I urge you to!

People say it is when you’ve truly lost yourself, you will find yourself. When you’re clasping tightly to that last rung or when you’ve reached rock bottom and can’t dig yourself in any further. When you start climbing back up and building yourself up – you will find your identity. Perhaps this is true but why is there such a focus on plugging into our identity? Why do we need all the answers to be happy? I don’t know my identity and I accept it. I don’t want to go on that journey to find myself, I feel I don’t need to.


4 responses to “The Bourne Identity

  1. I don’t think everyone needs to find their identity. I’m happy and I would never want to classify myself. Nice post 🙂

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