The F word

Fun factsIt’s 7am in the morning and your eyes are barely open, you feel around your bed for your phone and check for texts, calls et cetera and then click on the f.  Not The New York Times app you have nor The New Zealand Herald. You go and check how many of those little red bubbles you have on top of the page and to scroll down the ‘news’ feed. After a quick scroll and poke around (no pun intended), you do either of two things : get up and continue with your morning routine or go back to sleep.

The above description is what my daily routine looks like, if I am feeling a bit bored with the news on my feed I’ll approach stuff, R29, Herald and probably never New York Times because every piece of news on it seems like gibberish to me. As I am writing this piece I don’t really have a direction in which I want to steer this post, which is a bit odd for me. This will become quite evident when my thoughts jump around all over the place as sprouts of new ideas grow as I write this.

I think every one of us knows we’re addicted, accepts it and takes part in it, myself included. Up until only a month ago I would post up photos, posts about what I have done, statuses, my daily doings. Why I stopped is a silly reason – I didn’t feel that I needed the approval and judgement of friends to enjoy my life.

I had a great new years and an amazing two weeks off work, but the fact that I haven’t recorded that on Facebook make it irrelevant? Have the adjectives lost their meaning simply because I haven’t posted up evidence of my fun?

Facebook is high school for adults, merely a popularity contest.

Who gets the largest amount of likes, shares, comments, wall posts. Who updates their Facebook with cool things they have done and taken a photo at every moment to upload to Facebook. I see friends who will upload the numerous amount of photos they have with their partners and then post on their timeline, “I love you”, “You’re cute”. It really bugs me – who are you trying to prove this to? Would you yell out I love you to your partner in front of a crowd of acquaintances, because that is what you’re doing.

Now in saying all this I am not claiming to be omniscient, because I admit I have from time to time (a lot of times) been guilty of one or more of these things. Why are we so addicted to needing people’s approval or judging others?

I wanted to get an insight into why people act the way they do on Facebook.Being (in the past) a constant facebookie I can say I am in a fairly good position to answer many of the reasons why people are so vigilant in sharing every aspect of their lives. Insecurity is, I believe know, something that is going to eventually eat up a vast majority of our generation. Anxious or socially insecure individuals exhibited a greater tendency to become addicted to the social media giant. Do I post to show off ? Yes, often; but I also post to share with friends things I’ve done which may be of interest to them (relatives, friends overseas ) or things that have interested me so much that I think will benefit others. There are always two sides to a story.

I asked a friend why he shares things he does on Facebook. I was shocked by his reply, because it was so simple! “To inform people or express my opinion. Upload some photos because not all my photos are that interesting to look at. The ones I upload are the ones which I know my friends would appreciate. And, I go on everyday to keep in touch with people”.

When I asked a good friend why she doesn’t share things on Facebook, she says, “I guess I just don’t find a lot of things worth posting, and I am always wondering if others will think that I post is lame so I just don’t do it at the end. I judge other people’s posts, so I’ll be thinking what if they judge me that way too”.

Another friend said, “I don’t like that people are judged based on Facebook, I don’t want to put my life on it anymore. I don’t want to share stuff with them, I don’t like what Facebook has become”. But why do you go on it everyday? Because it’s a habit and I like to stalk people’s lives”. An honest answer.

It is always really interesting to get the opinions of others, to lend your eyes to someone else’s perspective gives you better insight into a situation, as it did in this situation. Some people are there to simply share their world with others, whilst others are their to show off their utopian world.  For now I am off Facebook, but say in a month or two I’ll be back – sharing things as usual, there’s no denying it – sooner or later I’ll start to need the approval of others once again!

Disclaimer: It is important to note that when I say the addiction to Facebook it  is just another face for the activity of social networking, which is starting to take precedence over time spent doing anything else. It appears that the signs of Facebook addiction are astonishingly similar to those of drug and alcohol. Off course, the consequences of the two differ. I am not oblivious to the fact that substance abuse results in death where as Facebook addiction leads to possibly carpel tunnel and perhaps being a depressed recluse.

I’d love to hear why you go on Facebook or why you think others do!
Are you a Facebook addict Find out here!


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